Ten to 15 percent of pregnant or postpartum women suffer from a mood complications during the perinatal period. This is common but not how becoming a new mother is supposed to feel.  If you are anxious, depressed, angry/rageful, experiencing intrusive images/thoughts that flash through your mind, or feel like you are "losing it", please seek the help that you need and deserve.  Even if you are just having more bad days than good, you can feel better!  

You may be worried about your partner, daughter, sister or best friend, and trying to find her help.  Please let her know that help is available. With the mother's permission, please reach out so that your loved one can begin her road to wellness.

Women struggling with infertility, miscarriage and still birth also need and deserve extra support during this very trying time.

Dr. Buysse provides psychotherapy and support for women in life's transitions including pregnancy, postnatal, parenting, trauma and menopause. She has offices in Edmonds and Everett, Washington.  Since she has a breadth of experience as well, Dr. Buysse sees clients struggling with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, depression, work-life balance and relational issues, and trauma, perinatal or otherwise. If you live in the state of Washington and do not have access to a perinatal therapist, you can do HIPAA-compliant video sessions with Dr. Buysse from the comfort of your own home! For further information about video conferencing, call 425-249-9618.

Current clients please call 425-249-9618 or click on Therapy Appointment to communicate via secure email. You will need your login and password.

If you need to register as a new client online,  please go to the "Getting Started" section of this website.

For medical emergencies, call 9-1-1 or head directly to your nearest hospital emergency room.


To see if you could use extra support, click on this postpartum quiz.

To the mom struggling with postpartum depression, you are not alone.